Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ON THE ROAD: Enjoy the Journey

This year I’ve learned that not everything goes according to plan. Those who know me may know that I am was such a planner and when things didn’t go the way I wanted it to, I’d get frustrated or disappointed. It took me awhile to learn to let things be and to let things go, but I believe towards the end of the year, I’ve finally realized that there’s a lot I cannot control (as much as I wanted to) and that’s okay.

I would have to say that my boyfriend and brother have influenced me to change my ways of thinking for the better. My boyfriend is not a planner when it comes to events, but likes to have last minute plans. His spontaneous adventures used to freak me out so much as I usually like to have an idea of what I’m doing.

Christmas day was another unplanned adventure with the boyfriend. Out of the blue, he announced that he wanted to go somewhere Christmas weekend.  Now you’ll have to agree with me that most of us just don't get into the car and decide to go on a trip same day right?? Although the planner in me was going a bit crazy, I agreed to the trip. I also don’t think there was enough time to register everything either and the next thing I knew it, we were in the car and on our way. After a couple of stops and naps, and a 4.5ish hour drive later, we ended up in Ottawa, Ontario. As time passed and things registered in my head, I realized that I was actually okay with the whole trip. I was more at ease than I had been before.

The past me would have just said “no” to the trip request because I did not have this planned out and thus, not ready to go, but lately I’ve really questioned, are we ever ready?

Just like travelling from point A to point B, we have a destination and to get to that destination, we look at maps to determine how to get there.  In life, we create goals and plans to achieve those goals but sometimes we have to just have to go with it. There’s always excitement in thinking about where we’ll end up and what we’ll be able to do, but like driving to another city, there are obstacles that we can face. We can continue the journey by taking a detour or stop and go back home. The detour may increase the duration of the drive and delay our destination time, but it’ll still get us there! When gas runs low, we make a stop and refuel the car. What about if the engine stops working? Do we just stop and stay on the side of the road? No, staying stuck where you do not want to be is no good either. Sometimes we get stuck on our journey, but with the right tools and help, we can keep going. En-route to the destination, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the full moon, sun setting, and the evergreen trees or concentrate so much on getting to point B that you rush through everything. I say, enjoy the journey, for you will not know how long it will last. Sometimes you just have to “live in the moment”.

I have found that I focused too much on the end result and not the journey. I need to live in the moment more often and let things be when they don’t go according to plan. For this website, I found that I created so many goals for where I wanted my blog to be that I had trouble getting started again! This coming year, I will be blogging more often and just seeing where my blog will go.


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