Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Day Out: Wishing Well Sanctuary

This past weekend I went to visit an animal sanctuary for the first time. My friend invited me to the event they were having and I thought it’d be fun to go and see the animals. As we were driving along the countryside roads, I questioned her, “What’s the difference between a sanctuary and a farm?” (This is how uneducated I was about where we were going)  She told me that at a farm, they kill the animals. For some reason, this never clicked for me growing up. I just enjoyed petting and feeding the animals but never realized that the animals there would be someone’s future meal.
To give you a better understanding of the difference, a farm is for profit and the animals do not stay there forever while at a sanctuary, the lives of the animals are spared and cared for as long as possible.
Located in Bradford, Ontario, Wishing Well Sanctuary was bigger than expected and as we approached the sanctuary, I felt one with nature. The air felt fresh and the environment was so peaceful. All I could hear were the sounds of birds in the distance. I was there for “The Love of the Lambs” event celebrating the lamb, Meadow, and her first year anniversary at the sanctuary. Due to unusual agreements with a meat packing company, Meadow’s life was saved and she did not become someone’s Easter dinner. The tour started at around noon and we were taken around the sanctuary  to cuddle with the sheep, play with the goats and pigs, and see the cows, donkeys, llama and ducks. Each of the animals had a backstory of how they arrived at the sanctuary and it was fun to interact with their different personalities.
After the tour, the sanctuary hosted a vegan potluck for all to join. The food was so good there! I was very impressed by the variety and taste of the vegan dishes there. People brought Devilled “Eggs” (I have to try making this!), “honey”, “tuna”, salads, pasta, pizza, and donuts! The donuts were insanely good and I plan to go on a road trip to get more! (They were from Beech Wood Doughnuts in St. Catherines, Ontario)
Since last year, I’ve cut down on my meat and dairy consumption primarily for health reasons. I’ve also been so fascinated with vegan youtubers as I find they are so creative with their food and I was curious as to what they ate. I love those “What I Ate in a Day” videos and could seriously binge watch those all day. Visiting the sanctuary, meeting fellow vegetarians, vegans and tasting the amazing vegan options out there has inspired me to be more cruelty- free.

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  1. Sounds like a good experience! I didn't know what an animal sanctuary was before reading this myself. It is nice to know that the animals you visit are being saved from harm :)